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Communication is the live wire of existence. From the simplest form of existence, to the most complex involving humans. Without communication, chaos must abound. Since civilization is constantly on the move, patterns and modes of communication change to facilitate harmony and balance in societies. Therefore, as an organization that understands the importance of communication, Nation Builders International (NBI), through its department of communication has engaged in varied modes of communication in order to contribute its own quota in the transformation and advancement of human civilization. That is why; Nation Builders International is engaged in all facets of communication which include: broadcasting, newspaper publishing, books publications, magazines etc. The department of communication uses as its editorial policy, “Quality knowledge for all”. This can be seen in all its broadcasts and written materials. If you have been a keen listener to radio and television programs, and an avid reader of newspapers, you will realize that there is so much propagation of malice, immorality, strife, etc. This scenario as portrayed by the media houses shows that we are heading for the rocks. That is why; Nation Builders International and its department of communication are leaving no stone unturned to reverse the status quo. The communication department embodies:











  • Commissioner

Cameroonian, a graduate from the University of Dschang and holds a Maitrise in Biochemistry, University of Yaoundé I. He is equally a graduate from the NBI Institute for Human Development and NBI Institute for strategic studies. He serves with Nation Builders International since 2004 t'ill date as
- Commissioner of the Communication Department  including book publishing, magazine,..
- Educator, Counsellor and Motivational Speaker
C.K. Rostand Blaise is the CEO of C.K. Creativity Design: a 21st century concept of Web design  and Graphic Design Company.
He is also President of the Nation Builders Speakers Bureau:
C.K Rostand Blaise CK was awarded man of the year 2010 of NBI based on his outstanding accomplishments.

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Nation Builder as it is called is an informative and educative paper of the published monthly to educated Cameroonians and Africans on issues of strategic importance. Ffirst published in 2007; today it is a leading informative and educative paper.

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The department of communication has also launch its first edition magazine, thistime the focus is on the vision 2010 global leadership conference on the 21st century. It is a quarterly magazine and an important platform for publicity.

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Book Edition

The Nation Builders International publication arm of the communication department was launch in the year 2003 and today, it has published fifty books on several issues of strategic importance. Its present vision is the establishment of a printing press.

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