Cultural Affairs

Eugine Etta

Nation Builders International department for cultural affairs has as aim the reorientation and reshaping of cultures through the following sub agencies. The agency of cinematography, musicology and ‘culturama”. Culture like any other aspect needs to be properly directed to benefit mankind. This is the believe of the Nation Builders International department for culture. Here we seek better ways of helping nations and societies properly direct their cultures towards a positive direction. The department includes: The Agency of cinematography, The Agency of Musicology and the Agency of Culturama

Commissioner | Cultural Affairs| March 16, 2011

Cinematography Agency

For so many years, the film industry has been and is still a major influenced in the world. This industry appears to be the most influential and expensive body and its impact cut across all age groups. The film industry has a great influence in the culture, behavior and policies of societies and nations. Our youths moving almost naked in our streets, our styles and the way people speak just to name a few are traceable to the films they watch. That’s why; Nation Builders International agency of cinematography has quite a different idea. Our vision is to move the film industry beyond ordinary entertainment into being a major positive influence in human and societal evolution and revolution. We believe that, any film production which does not culminate in the enhancement of humanity is not needed in the 21st century. We have started small but we see a future of greatness.

Director | Cinematography | March 16, 2011

Musicology Agency

Music can inspire and it can destroy. Nation Builders International department for culture explores music to inspire, motivated, activate, challenge and transform lives. The five thousand man choral group is our present project. The agency of musicology has also brought up a lot of young music stars who are making their impact through music. You can partner with us.

Director | Musicology | March 16, 2011

Culturama Agency

This agency is responsible for the coordination of the annual cultural jamboree and the African night event in and out of Cameroon. Culturama takes culture out of its mediocrity into purpose and relevance to humanity.

Director | Culturama| March 16, 2011


"Each time demands for its civilisation. Thus, humanity must advance in her understanding of the concept of human development in order to match up with the expectation of the 21st century : Dr. Benard Etta


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