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Posted on 11 Sep 2010 by Dr. Benard Etta   |   CEO NBI

In a world where education has been reduced to a medium of acquiring credentials, so as to qualify for jobs as an end, Nation Builders International has gone a step ahead in creating the institute for human development as a revolutionary educational approach, highly integrated and inclusive in nature with the aim of developing individuals with multidimensional capacity, able to respond and tackle a wide range of human challenges. At the Nation Builders International institute for human development there is no specialization; students are exposed to a wide range of information related to human development in four dimensions: mental, physical, spiritual and social development, etc. The above provides a holistic and integrated study which inspires, motivates, prepares, activates, challenges and transforms students into resource individuals with multidimensional capacity, while eliminating the stereotype concept of intellectualism, to produce individuals with a wider sphere of intervention.
       Nation Builders International institute for human development has a team of seasoned lecturers’. Since its inception, Nation Builders International institute for human development has left unforgettable impact on all who have graduated from there.

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Posted on 11 sep 2010 by Dr. Benard Etta   |   CEO NBI



  1. * Leadership (General view on leadership,  21st century leadership, leadership challenge, the making of a leader, political leadership, business leadership, administrative leadership, social/cultural leadership, religious leadership, leading change, biographical study of leaders)
  2. * Human Development( Mental, physical, spiritual and social development)
  3. * Conflict resolution
  4. * Communication
  5. * Nation Building
  6. * Personal development
  7. * Cross cultural studies
  8. * Community Development
  9. * Information Technology
  10. * 21st century Health plan
  11. * World History/current events
  12. * Science /technology
  13. * Environmental studies
  14. * Global Challenges
  15. * Business management
  16. * Human/Public Relation
  17. * Good Governance
  18. * Africa
  19. * Human resource management
  20. * Research( General principles)
  21. *Organizational development
  22. * Educational development
  23. * Agricultural development
  24. * Arts and crafts
  25. * Language studies

At Nation Builders International institute for Human development, we believe you can specialize in diversity. Study everything and become all things to all men.


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Dr. Benard Etta's Quotations

  • 1- "Quality education should be a process which exposes one’s mind to challenging information which results to inspiration"
  • 2- " There is a difference between general knowledge and creative knowledge: general knowledge is taught and learned, Creative knowledge is not learnt it's produced by an inspired and activated mind" Visit his Ebook store for more

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