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Posted on 11 Sep 2010 by Dr. Benard Etta   |   CEO NBI

Nation Builders International institute for Strategic Studies is not a regular institution. It has no fixed   location and has no regular courses. It is convened quarterly in different destination of choice for the purpose of developing 21st ideas and providing 21st century propositions as solutions to the challenges facing humanity.      The Institute for Strategic Studies is equally a leadership think tank and its focus is on research in problem solving dynamics as related to occurring issues of strategic importance. At the Institute for Strategic Studies, the emergence of problems and challenges create the focus of each summit.  The Institute for Strategic Studies equally organizes week-end summits as forums where issues of leadership, human, national and international concern are strategically dissected and investigated for easy comprehension. Several cities and towns in Cameroon have hosted the Nation Builders International institute for strategic studies. You can invite the institute for strategic studies to your area. The team for program planning will quickly review such invitation so as to make the visit possible.

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Posted on 11 sep 2010 by Dr. Benard Etta   |   CEO NBI

Strategic studies are research studies of problem solving dynamics on different areas of strategic importance. Strategic studies are progressive and dynamic in relation to time, situations and demands. Thus, strategic studies develop as time, situations and demands change. To achieve citizenship development, education must transcend general education to strategic studies. This will orientate citizens on problem solving dynamics in different areas of strategic importance.
   Citizenship development should culminate in empowering citizens to participate fully in solving the problems which face their nations. It should transform citizens; from “high maintenance, low impart citizens to low maintenance, high impact citizens”. This denotes, citizens who solve more problems in their nations than the burden they place on their nation.
          When a nation succeeds in raising more productive citizens than unproductive ones, the gross annual product of that nation will increase, with resultant effect on it’s per capital income. The reverse is true of a nation with millions of unproductive citizens. Thus, productivity is relative to the quality in the development of citizens and not in the increase population of a nation. More unproductive citizens mean more problems to a nation, while more productive citizens mean fewer problems to a nation.
          In a nutshell, citizenship development through quality education will necessitate an educational program which is multidimensional; embodying a wide range of exposures. Such educational approach must avoid the error of specialization, which has narrowed down education to job requirements instead of life’s demand.
          Tansi Alfred in his book, THE NATURE OF THE 21ST CENTURY EDUCATIONAL REVOLUTION, says
“Command in the 21st century is tied to the technique of accessing general ideas. Any leader must eschew imitation, revolt against narrow mindedness, become adaptable to new situations and able to generalize from his vast experience/multidimensional exposures.” Henri Bergson in one of his earliest addresses he gave, condemned specialization as a form of laziness, more fit for animals which do not think of perfection.
Specialization is one sided adaptation to a particular mode of life, which eventually leads to evolutionary dead ends.
Multidimensional exposure will be the goal of education in the 21st century. That is, men-women, boys-girls, will have to learn different things at different periods of their lives. END

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