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June, 2011  |  Posted by Nancy Gwan (Commissioner) | Department of Women's Affairs

No nation develops with the women left at the sideline of national life. Countries which have experienced unprecedented development in recent times are those which have experienced full women emancipation.
Nation Builders International department for women affairs is responsible for women empowerment and social programs for the underprivileged. It frequently organizes women forums, seminars and conferences geared towards the empowerment of women.
Women form the greatest pool of human resources in every nation, though in some countries, this pool of human resources is given little or no attention. It's unfortunate that in the 21st century, when humanity has so much advanced in understanding, one can still hear of nations where women are yet to be integrated into national life. The above situation is what has inspired the NBI department for women's affairs to launch out with radio programs; seminars and conferences on women empowerment, in order to inspire women to take their place of leadership in the 21st century.


To achieve women empowerment, the following must be ensured;
1- Equal educational and service opportunity for women
2- Equal opportunity for women to participate in decision making.
3- Extensive capacity building program for women.

When the above is ensured, women can then become equal participators in life and nation building.


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