Areas of Focus

The 100 years global leadership conference project is a visionary concept aimed at bringing together leaders and professionals from  all walks of life, once in  two years, in different capitals of the world, to share knowledge, creative  and innovative  ideas on how to bring about change, development and progress in all areas of strategic importance with the 21st century in perspective. The 100 years conference program is holistic and multidimensional in nature. Principal areas of focus in each conference are:

    1. Overall view of the 21st century
    2. Leadership( Inclusive of all forms and types of leadership)
    3.  Management(Inclusive of diverse forms of management)
    4. Global challenges
    5. Technology
    6. Social development ( Human relations, public relations, Cross cultural interaction, co-existence, citizenship participation, Nation Building)
    7. Educational development
    8. Agricultural development
    9. Politics
    10. Economy/Business
    11. Government
    12. Youth/children
    13. Entertainment world (Music, cinematography, Sports, etc.)
    14.  International relations
    15. Organizational development
    16.  Friendly environmental Energy  solution
    17. Environmental  Protection  and conservation
    18. Medical breakthroughs
    19. Communication
    20. Africa
    21. Arts and crafts
    22. 21st century Health  plan
    23. Gender 
    24. Security
    25. Innovations/Inventions
    26. Research
    As you read through this project, may you be inspired to be part of it in the best way you can. Your involvement is welcome!! Yes we can and together we can change the world.  Be a Global Ambassador in your country!! Send application to: